(Frequently Asked Questions)
Q:  How much does it cost to play recreational soccer at TYSA?
A:  Depending on your child's age - $70 for U4 players up to $145.00 for U16/U19 players.

Q:  What do I need for uniforms?
A:  * Tiny Tykes receive their shirt as part of their fee. 
      * A Tykes/U6 player is required to have a jersey set (one white jersey and one green jersey).  This can be purchased from TYSA or given as a hand-me-down from friends.
      * U8 and older players must have the entire uniform consisting of shorts, two pairs of socks and a set of jerseys.  Again, you may purchase these from TYSA or get them used.

Q: How often do these kids practice?
A:  * Tiny Tykes/U4 practice and only on Sunday afternoons for six weeks.
      * U6 players have one practice/week at Henderson Park for one hour.
      * U8 players have two one-hour practices/week.  Generally speaking one practice is at Henderson Park and the second at a neighborhood school.

Q: Where and when are the games?
A:  * U6 - U12 play their games at Henderson Park - mostly on Saturdays, but an occasional Sunday afternoon is often required to accommodate the number of registered teams.
      * U14 - U19 will travel up to 50% of the time for games in our area.  As TYSA typically has 3-4 U14 teams, only a couple of games are played at "away" locations.

Q: What else do I get for my registration fee?
A:  On Friday evenings, players from U8 and older are invited to free clinics put on by our coaching director Warren van der Westhuizen.  Please watch the webiste at for schedules and more information.

Q: What is the mandatory $25.00 "capital improvement fee" used for?
A:  This fee is used for two things:  1) to pay for major upgrades to Henderson Park.  This Dekalb County facility is maintained and upgraded with your fees and not with your tax dollars.  2) To purchase land on which to build a facility that is not owned and governed by anyone but TYSA.

Q: How is TYSA operated?
A: TYSA has a Board of Directors (see and click "club info" then click "board of directors".  TYSA also has two full-time staff members:  Nancy Marsden (Program Administrator); Warren van der Westhuizen (Director of Coaching).  You may contact them at the following email addresses:

Nancy Marsden:
Warren van der Westhuizen: